Up-cycling: Colorful Arm Warmers


So I feel a little bit silly writing up this post today, especially with the East Coast just being hit with a blizzard last week.  Here in California we've had beautiful weather (which is actually a really bad thing because we really need rain and snow in the mountains.) So yes, this post seems a bit strange. I made these arm warmers when it was probably about 70 degrees outside....but truly I felt freezing beyond belief (I'll blame chills and the flu).  

So now I have a lovely pair of arm warmers, made from an old pair of little girl tights (they come in the cutest designs!!)....which I'll probably never wear for the rest of the winter.   I love them anyways though, and I figured I'd share the tutorial since some of you may actually live in places where you actually do have a real winter (send some snow our way!!!)

Want to make your own?  Keep reading for the full tutorial:
Start out with a pair of little girl tights (1), put them on, and cut where you knuckles are (2).  Now cut off a little snip where the heal is.  This is the place where your thumb will go (3).  Cut a little below your elbow and you have finished all of the cutting (4):
Now just go ahead and hold over the edges (5), and sew along the edges to give them a more polished look (6).  Tada!  All finished (7 & 8).
What do you think? Would you wear arm warmers like this?  Or are they a bit too much for you?  There are so many cute patterned kid tights that it's really possible to make some fun arm warmers this way.

Picture credit for the first three pictures goes to my 3 year old, who loved every photo taking minute.  There's something very cute about a curly haired 3 year old behind a tripod.


  1. Sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing. What stitch did you use on your machine to hem the edges?

    1. I actually just used a normal needle, stitch and foot. I tried not to pull on the fabric though as I went (so that it wouldn't pucker). I also stopped every once in a while too to readjust. I've heard a walking foot is better for this, but I don't own one so I just gave it a go with my regular one.

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