Hot Cocoa Kits

There's this insane Christmas hustle and bustle.  And so, as a parent, I started trying to think of things that my kids might want to give/make. 

And Lu veto'd most of them.  So my stress level started going up, and then Lu said...

"I already know what I want to make.  Hot Cocoa kits." 

Oh.  That sounded good.  She thought of her own gifts?  Awesome.  Oh, right.  That's right.  Last year she put together these gingerbread playdough kits.  Silly me,  when am I going to learn?  My 5 year old is just as good as pinterest.

She'd thought it all out, from the hot cocoa kits, to the candy canes, to the marshmallow snowmen.  She planned it all, picked out the bags, and even used her own money. 

Pretty cool, huh?  So let's just say this blog is courtesy of my 5 year old.  Thanks Lu!

Keep reading for all the details:

Here's what we used: hot cocoa packets, mini candy canes, chocolates, straws and bags.  She also asked to used a few of my snowmen gift tags:
 Then there were the marshmallows.  We used toothpicks and edible food markers:
 Stacked them up:
 drew on some features:
 "They work either way!  Look mom!!"
 She loved making them!  And I was so proud of her for coming up with such a thoughtful gift all on her own.
 Way to go Lu!  I'm proud of you.

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