Last Minute Halloween Crafts and Costumes...

I don't know about the rest of you, but October has been a very busy month for us.  I normally write a calender each month on the chalkboard door in our kitchen, and I realized on October 15th that I'd yet to write up October's.  Instead I had a stack of random notes--some written on scraps of paper and napkins--in a pile by the door.  Oops.  And let's not talk about the state of my house...which I probably should be cleaning right now instead of writing this blog post.  Oh well....

In fact, these were the crafts that I really didn't think would happen this year, but when we had to cancel many of the activities this past weekend because my oldest is sick with a fever, these crafts seemed like the perfect activities!  Now the hubby and I have costumes to go with the kids Anna and Elsa costumes, and we've got a great Halloween craft to share with our friends at a Halloween party we are going to this week (Note: this ghost craft was inspired by this craft here).  Want to make your own?  Keep reading for all of the details.

To make the ghost, You'll just need a paper plate and some white crepe paper.  I found mine at the dollar store.  Cut out the plate as shown:

Use a glue stick to glue on crepe paper streamers:

 and draw on the face with markers.  I punched a hole in the top so that I could attach a string to hang the ghost from:
 Pretty easy, right?  And as for the hats, I just glued cardboard antlers to the front of an old baseball hat with hot glue.  Then I safety pinned pieces of felt to an old beanie to make Olaf's face.  ( I could have used glue too, but I didn't want to ruin this hat.)

Pretty easy, right?  Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!!  I plan on posting my dolls and mice in the shop soon.  Thank you to all of you who supported Snugglebug University by purchasing the pattern!

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