It's been a little while.  A lot has been going on around here.  The wonderful thing about having a blog is that is provides an outlet, a motivation to stop for a moment and save memories (because goodness knows my brain doesn't seem to hold them anymore!)

So when I sat down to blog this evening, I thought about all of the things I could write about.  I could write about Lu starting public school for the first time, and all the first day clothes I didn't make.  Or all of the Pinterest worthy "First day of school" chalkboard pictures that I didn't take.  Or maybe, the quick little "I love you" sketch that I drew on her napkin and squished into her lunch pail at the last minute, after feeling just a slight bit guilty that I didn't have more to mark her first day.

But that's life no?  There's always more that you wish you had time for, and that's ok.  This blog though is--in some ways--documenting these years of my life through what I've created (or maybe what I haven't...haha!) Lu starting school did get me thinking though.  My little girl is getting bigger and bigger, and I know that the day will come when she thinks that the creative things that make for her are just not that cool.  Right now though, she loves each and every one of my creations and I absolutely love seeing the fascination in her eyes as she watches me make things.... or the excitement when she runs out in the morning trying to sneak a peak at whatever it is I was working on the night before.

So, yeah, Lu's starting school actually inspired me to start a project.  A cloth doll making project.  I've always admired Waldorf dolls, and I always hoped to make a very special doll for my girls.  But I feel like a doll like that isn't something that I can just make without practice (or maybe with practice...hah!). Lu's starting school made me realize though that I'm not sure for how much longer Lu's going to want a doll I made over say, an American girl doll for example.  So I've been playing around, practicing, and learning.  I'm sure I'll be back here to tell you about all I've learned sometime soon, even if a really special doll doesn't get made anytime soon....

 The next few months are going to be interesting.  We're going to be taking on a big house project--a home addition--which I'm sure I'll write more about later on....and well, adjusting to changes in our family routines. I'm not exactly sure how my blog is going to change during this time, but I look forward to continuing sharing my life, one project at a time.  Thanks for sticking by and reading my little old blog!

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