Felt Food: Easy Enough for a 5 Year Old to Make

I mentioned earlier that Lu's been super into felt food lately.   Well, making it, that is.   For her tea party she wanted to make some felt food for her friends.  We browsed Pinterest, and she fell in love with lots of them, especially these.

I thought that cinnamon rolls and cupcakes might be good for her to help with, and she loved helping me make them.  She helped a little with the donuts too, while I filled in the rest of the cookies. 

Does your child want to make some felt goodies?  Let me dissect these guys for you, so that you can make your own.
The cinnamon rolls were just two strips of felt glued together.  Then we added hot glue and rolled them up.

When they dried we drizzled them with some puffy paint that I already had.

The cupcakes involved a tiny bit of sewing.  We did a running stitch around the edge of two circles and pulled the string so that the edges gathered up.

We stuffed one inside of the other and then just put a drop of hot glue around the inner edge to attach the top to the bottom.  We also glued on a pom pom ball.

I think we'll be making more of these soon....tea parties seem to be quite the fad at our house!

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