DIY Baby Headband

Alright...It's July!!! Do you know what that means?  That's right! It's time for the promised headband tutorials!  I'm kicking off this series with this baby headband this week, but I'll be back with a new tutorial/pattern for different headbands next week and the week after.  

Alright, so what's this week's tutorial all about?  Well, I totally love all of the felt flower headbands that you see all over Pinterest.  I actually planned out making this headband two years ago--right before my then baby's baptism!  But alas, it didn't happen.  Well, better late than never I guess!  The good news is that not only did I finally get around to making it, but I also wrote up a tutorial so that you can make your own.  

This size is great for babies, but if your ribbon is supper stretchy it might even fit a preschooler too--it fits my 4 year old!

Alright, ready to get started?

You'll need 12.5 inches of ribbon--it's very stretchy.  I'm actually not sure if "ribbon" is the right word, but I found it where you can buy ribbon by the yard at JoAnns.  I used a headband my kids wore at about 4 months as a guide, but I think this ribbon was a bit more stretchy.  It even fits my 4 year old!  

You'll also need some felt and a needle and thread.  

Making a felt flower is really easy.  You'l just need to start with a spiral like this, which you can either just make on your own-it's really easy to just make a circle and cut around to make a circle, or buy a template online (such as through the silhouette store).  

I secured my flowers buy just repeatedly sewing through the middle of the curled up flower.
I cut out a piece of felt and sewed vertically and horizontally across the felt "leaves" securing it to the headband while making the headband a circular piece at the same time.
Here's a close up of my stitching.
And here's the backside:

All finished!  Wasn't that easy?
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Don't forget to follow Snugglebug University so that you don't miss out on more tutorials, including the rest of the headband series! 

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