DIY Personalized Guitar Strap

So it's getting to be Father's Day time again... and I don't know about you, but I think it's super hard to think up ideas for the Dads in my life.  

I realized that I didn't show you what we made for the hubby last year for father's day--A decorated guitar strap!  It was super easy--I bought a guitar strap off Amazon,  gave the kids some Sharpie markers (haha-completely naked, because you know, the're permanent), and let them get to work (while watching them closely to make sure that the walls, couches, etc. didn't get drawn on.) 

It was a fun project for everyone, and Daddy loved it!  I especially love the family portrait that Lu drew.  So cute!  

So what are we doing for Father's Day this year?  Well...so Lu has grand plans that involve lots of glitter.  She says"Daddy's going to love my present so much!  It's sparkly and he's going to want to wear it every day!"  ...And we're going to make her plans a reality.  Does this make me a horrible wife?  Haha!  (Want a hint?  It's along the line of this).

Anyhow, I started putting together a list of Father's day present ideas from around the web (of the not sparkly variety) below.  I'm thinking maybe we'll try out some of these as well. Just, you know, to make up for all that glitter.  

Alright here's the list!

1.  These shrinky dink tie tacks from Oh Happy Day are awesome.  I'd like to try cuff links.
2.  A customized book about Dad.  I think Lu would totally dig making one of these, and for some reason I imagine it might just be hilarious (and possibly full of glitter).  
3.  What about carving "I love you" (in a kid's handwriting) on the inside of a leather belt or bracelet.  Instructions at Lil Blue Boo.
4.  Dad likes sweet stuff?  Have them add their artwork to a cookie.  Instructions here
5. Grill master?  What about this BBQ rub from Delia Creates?  In our house, chimichurri might be more appreciated.
6. I love this twist on the classic "decorate a mug for dad" idea.  (mug is at the bottom of the post)
7. I don't know about Dad, but my kids would love making this origami tie garland.  Origami is so big in our house right now.
8.  What about these awesome Father's day beer mugs from the Pinning Mama?
9.  I love this book giving idea.  We have kids books on our shelves that belonged to both me (and grandma!) when we were little.  It seems like a great idea gift to keep for when the kids are older to pass on to their own kids.
10.  Finally, does the idea of stuff make you (or dad) cringe?  How about planning an outing that Dad might like?  My daughter decided on taking me to a space museum for Mother's day and it was a lot of fun (and totally empty.)

Do you have any inspired ideas for Father's Day gift from kids?  I'd love to know!

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