The Headband Series!

Hi all!  Things are busy here, with school wrapping up for the summer and me trying to figure out how I'll keep my little ones busy.  I just wanted to stop in here on the blog though to let you know that I've been busy crafting!  In fact, I've been making headbands--lots of them! Starting in early July I'll have 2 great headband tutorials (with templates!) and a new pattern too!  (The pattern might make it into the shop a little bit earlier than July, so keep your eyes out!)  These have been some of my favorite things to make lately, and I can't wait to write everything up and share them with you.
You can find the felt flower baby headband tutorial here.
You can find the children's ear headband here.
And finally, here's the fabric covered headband tutorial .

I've also been working on a secret project, which I can't wait to show you in a few weeks.  Hint...it's for the kids and it's great for those long car trips!  More tutorials coming for that too. So don't forget to follow Snugglebug University so that you don't miss out on any of these projects!
UPDATE:  My secret project...revealed! and here too!

 I hope you are all having a great summer so far.  If you want, bookmark or pin this page, as I'll update the links to each of the headband series here when I put them on the web.  I'll be back here soon!

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