Scanned Flower Stationary Tutorial

A couple of months ago I was flipping through a Martha Stewart magazine (I can't seem to find it now--let me know if you have the reference) when I stumbled across the suggestion to scan flowers in your garden for a gardening journal.  I thought the idea of scanning flowers was brilliant and so adaptable!

The girls and I collected some flowers from our garden, and then played around with some different background colors on our scanner.  I was super pleased with the results and I loved how easy it was--even for my 2 and 4 year old to do!

Want to make your own?  I'll tell you what I did:

I placed some flowers face down on my personal scanner/printer machine.

 Then I placed a piece of cardstock on top of the flowers and let the scanner do all of the work.  I used lots of different colors to find what I liked best.

After that I just cropped the images and placed them into power point. I printed them onto cards and voila!  instant stationary.

1 comment:

  1. What a smart idea with the scanning! There are so many possibilities for this :)



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