Happy Easter!

There's something quite refreshing and beautiful about Easter.  I love how it becomes a celebration of spring as well...I couldn't hide my excitement picking some roses from the garden.  Today, we were blessed with beautiful weather and the kids dyed eggs outside.

With Easter and having been sick last week, I haven't been crafting much.  I have been cooking though, and I thought I'd share...

We made this rib eye with chimichurri sauce for the first time...and it was soooo yummy!  The recipe was from the Seven Fires cookbook by Francis Mallman, a famous Argentine chef.  I bought the cookbook for my hubby last Christmas, and I can't recommend it more.

I served it with roasted asparagus, and this four cheese risotto from Emeril, which tastes just like one of my favorite dishes that I ever tasted when in Italy a little over 10 years ago.  (Wow...has it really been 10 years!?!)

 Delicious!  We finished out the meal with my first attempt making my mother-in-law's flan.  I could have let the crystalized sugar go a bit longer, but for a first try, I was pretty happy and it was still yummy.  My biggest Flan critic seemed to approve (and even stuck a few of her fingers into the whipped cream...)

Mmmm. Delicious!  Now I can say that I definitely am suffering from a food coma.  How about you?  Did you have a great Easter?  

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