Paper Flower Craft Kit

As I mentioned last week, my kids are totally into craft kits lately.  There are so many great options out there to buy, but it's often cheaper (and more fun!) to put together one of your own.  I got a silhouette cameo for Christmas/my birthday, and even though I didn't get it for my kids, I've found it's totally great for putting together fun crafts for the kids.  Plus they make great gifts!

What if you don't have a cameo?  No worries!  Hand cut flowers work just as well!  Let's get started...

Here's what you need:
A flower template (I used this one)
Beads that ft through a pipe cleaner
Stickers, markers, crayons for decorating

I put all of these components in a container, along with this how-to print out that I made.  Since my kids can't read yet, I let the pictures do most of the talking:

Pretty simple, huh?  Happy Crafting!


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