oh Goofy!

Things here have been busy lately, and I've been working on a few bigger projects--including a house one (potentially a remodel) and a new pattern, so I feel like my creative juices are about out.  I can't wait to share with you both of these projects (if they ever become a reality!) but for now blogging might be a bit hit and miss.   I was in fact going to skip this post this week, until I realized that I had this post around sitting around from months ago!

I mentioned a while back that my 2 year old wanted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday celebration. We had lots of Mickey activities, including the hot dog dance and a cool glow in the dark Mickey treasure hunt.  What I failed to mention was that my kids decided that Goofy (aka:  Daddy) needed to attend these fabulous activities....dressed correctly of course!

And so we needed to make a Goofy hat.  For a minute I contemplated cardboard using a toilet paper roll, but alas I didn't have any handy when I needed it.  So I figured we'd go the fabric route and attach it onto a headband.  We threw one together in less than a half an hour with some fabric from my felt stash.

Planning a trip to Disneyland and want to make your own?  or are you having your own Mickey party?  Keep reading below:

We quickly cut out these pieces.  I really just eyeballed them all, although really it would have been a good time to try to calculate the circumference of the small circle and then use that as the length of the hat rectangle piece.  (and by good time to do this, I mean I should have used it as a chance to teach the kids a little bit of geometry...oh well!) So if you're like me, you'll just try to hold a piece of felt around the edge of small circle you already cut out (this will be the top of the hat) and then cut.

 sew the two sides of the rectangle piece (with the attached black stripe) to each other.
 Now quickly whip-stich the small circle to the top.
 Start attaching the base.
 Leave a little of the side open and stuff the hat.
 You should have this:
 Now attach the ears.
 Finally attach the headband.  Congrats, you're done!


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