Let's sew a dress!

Lu is very interested in sewing these days, and she's constantly thinking of things that she'd like to sew.  Most of the time she wants to sew dresses for her dolls (like we did here), but most oftentimes her requests for sewing time come at the most inopportune times (like when I'm cooking dinner).  She really needed something that she could sew independently, so I suggested than she make mini clothes for her felt dolls. 

Her eyes lit up and she ran to get some paper.  "First, Mommy, I need to make a pattern!"  She drew up patterns for the clothes and then raided my felt stash and started cutting out the fabric. She LOVES making these and is so incredibly proud of herself.  At 4, there's still a lot she needs help with.  Sometimes making scissors go the way she wants, and usually threading the needle and making a knot.  She's gotten very good at stitching though.  

All in all though, I love all of the skills it's teaching her beyond sewing.  It's a great way to practice her fine motor skills, and it's also a great exercise for thinking about how something is made and how to construct something new.  

What's your favorite first sewing project for kids?  We're always looking for something new to try around here!


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