Heart Cookie Kit

I meant to share this a few weeks ago...this is the Valentine's day present that I made for the girls.  Better late than never, I guess!  My kids have been eating up craft projects lately.  I really love the possibility of making craft kits out of paper, because they are inexpensive and easy to put together.  I have another kit to show you next week too.

Alright, so let me tell you a little bit about this kit. Basically, it's a paper "cookie making kit".  The girls decorated with markers and glue sticks, and loved putting them in their play kitchen to bake.  I threw in some glitter "sprinkles", markers, and a glue stick, and the girls crafted happily for over an hour.

Have you ever put together a paper crafting kit?  I'd love ideas....We had a touch of beautiful spring weather the other day, and I begin thinking of making a popsicle craft kit for summer.  The possibilities are endless!

Here's the template that I used to make our cookies, in case you'd like to use it!

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  1. This is so beautiful. It is looking so pretty.Thanks for sharing the templates with us.I have never tried a paper kit,but I would love to try this kit!



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