Reversible Pants Tutorial

I don't know if this is the best way to make reversible pants, but well, it works!  So let me show you my method of making reversible pants. I look at these pictures now, and I'm horrified by all the wrinkles!  The funny thing is that I actually did iron these pants as I went along, but when it came to actually taking pictures of the finished pants, I just snapped a few pictures in the morning before taking my daughter to school.  She'd worn them the night before and well...you can tell!  I hope you enjoy the tutorial anyways!

I actually don't start with a pattern, although you could easily use one.  My method is just to trace a pair of PJ pants that I know fit, allowing extra for seam allowances.  Make sure you leave yourself plenty of room especially at the waist, where you'll need to fold over the edges and sew (this should be more clear later in the tutorial).

In my case, the outer and inner lining pieces are made up of 4 pieces , two of which make the front and two of which make the back.   I sewed two of the pieces together like this:

Then I sewed the front and the back pieces together.  After sewing, it looked like this:

I repeated with my outer fabric pieces.  So that I had two pieces that look a whole lot like pants!

Now I put the inside fabric pants INSIDE of the outer fabric pants.  At this point the hem of your pants should be open, as well as the waist line.

Match up the seams, and pin so that the fabric doesn't shift.

Now you're going to want to fold over the edges, pinning as you go.

Here is mine all pinned up!

And here it is after I sewed it up!

Now we've got to switch to the waist. I sewed a straight stitch all around the top of the pants.

Then I sewed the elastic into a circle.

Then I inserted the elastic into the pocket that I had just sewn on the waist.

Then I folded over the edges and began to sew, making a complete finished pocket for the elastic.  A little hint is that I found it easier to pin and then sew half of the waist before moving onto the other half of the pants.  When I was done it looked like this:

See, they are finished on both sides!  No "Right" side!

And they even look cute cuffed too!

If you use this tutorial to make your own reversible pants, I'd love to hear how it worked for you!  And don't forget to upload a picture to the brand new Snugglebug University Flikr site


  1. hi i tried this on a shorts pattern as a gift for my babies cousin.
    it turned out excellent..
    id love to share a photo with you, but i have no clue how to post it on here :)
    thanks for the tutorial though.

  2. Hi Corelda! Glad it turned out well! Feel free to add a picture to the brand new Snugglebug University Flickr pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/snugglebuguniversity/



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