Kid's Clothes Week Summary

I did it! I finished Kids' Clothes Week!  It was my first time participating, and it was a great motivator for me to actually sew some kids' clothes.  If you haven't heard about it before, KCW is a challenge where you commit to trying to sew an hour a day for 7 days.  

I only heard about it a few days before it started...(I stumbled upon it in blogland), so it wasn't really a well thought out attempt to make something cute.  Instead I tried to use Kids Clothes Week as motivation to build Lu's wardrobe inexpensively, since she's been growing out of clothes (and destroying new clothes) at a record speed.  Sometimes I have a hard time staying focused on making kids' clothes, so this challenge was just what I needed.

So here's the breakdown of what I made: 
White Ruffle Skirt (made from a very old pair of curtains!)
Simple bird cage skirt
3 pairs of patched pants
1 pair of corduroy pants (from fabric I picked up for $2/yard when I was buying fabric for the Anna Jumper)
1 pair of reversible pajama/lounge pants
3 pairs of patched pants (in other words, I added patches to commercial clothes with holes to try to extend their life a bit)

Not too bad, right?  It was actually fun!  I decided that I'll be writing up tutorials for the reversible lounge pants and the patches. So you can look forward to those in the weeks to come!  Speaking of which...I'd better get a writing!

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