Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day friends!  I can't say we do much in the way of Valentine's day decorations, but I have to say that I love red hearts.  I managed to paint and hang one for our front door, and I'm hopeful that maybe next year I'll add to my heart shaped decorations.  It's such a commercial holiday, but hearts!  gah!  I love them.  I've made Lu some heart patches for her pants too...I'll be sharing the tutorial with you soon.

Do you have big plans for today?  We're nursing colds here, so are Valentine's day will be pretty mellow.  Yesterday though we managed to fit in a few Valentine's day activities/treats.  The kids enjoyed a banana drink popular in Argentina (bananas blended with milk), topped with whipped cream and heart sprinkles.  We also did a quick heart weaving project...It's the perfect last minute valentine if you need one!

Here's how you make it:

Cut out two hearts, a white and red one.
 Now slice the two hearts, one vertically, and one horizontally.  Don't go all of the way through...
 Then you can simply weave away.  Fun!

Happy heart day everyone!

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