DIY Patches

I mentioned before that during kids' clothes week I made a bunch of patches and then repaired several of kids' patches around here.  New pants have lasted about an average of 3 wearings before getting new holes in them since 2014 began.  So yeah, it was nice be able to add some patches and extend the lives of some pants a little bit.

These patches were super easy to make, and I actually made a whole bunch of them so that the next time I need a patch I'll already have one made.  Ready to see how I made them?  Let's get patching!

Here's what you'll need:
small pieces of thicker fabrics, such as corduroy, so that they withstand all of the rough play that kids do.  No need to go buy something new--you can always recycle a small patch from a worn garment that you already have!

You'll also need pellon, wonder under fusible webbing.  Cut out your shapes and designs from your fabric.  If you have fabric with a design that you like, you can cut out the design and affix it to a larger base patch using fusible interfacing.

For exaple here:  cut out identical shapes of fusible interfacing.
Iron the fusible webing to your fabric piece, with a hot, dry setting.
Peel off the paper backing:
and iron any design straight onto the patch fabric.
You'll then need to cut out a shape of pellon for the rest of the patch, and repeat the ironing just as you did for the design piece. Then you'll peel off the paper like I did for this heart patch here:

Place your patch over the worn area of your pants.
and hand sew around the edges.
Maybe not perfect patches, but they're great for getting a bit more life out of pants.  I think it's fun to think of all of the design possibilities!  I especially can't want to get to use my happy face patches...Aren't they fun?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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