Candy Hearts

I can't believe it's already February! Lu's been asking to do Valentine's crafts since before Christmas, when she saw Valentine's day decorations in a local store.  Yeah, you know, nothing like a good dose of Valentine's day decorations to make you feel totally behind on Christmas gifts, right?

 Anyway, yeah, I figured it was time to break out the candy hearts.  I figured this might be a fun activity for Lu to practice her letters....and she ATE it up! (pun intended).  Ellie liked stamping and smelling the candies.  She insisted that they smelled icky, but seemed to like them enough to lick the letters off.  Which of course distressed Lu, who was trying to copy the letters and create words. They both had fun though, and it kept them occupied long enough for me to clean the kitchen.

Keep reading for more pictures...and little more about what I've been up to...

I cut out a bunch of hearts, gathered some alphabet stamps that I picked up in the dollar bin at target, along with a washable stamp pad.  The kids went to work:

 Added a little bit of tape and yarn,


In other news, I decided last week to take part in Kids Clothes Week.  It wasn't so much of a "oh my gosh, I love sewing kids' clothes and I'd love nothing better to spend a week sewing for my kids, but more like "My kid has grown out of every piece of clothing she owns....and....destroyed all of the new pants I bought her...after only 1-2 wearings"...(sob!)  But anyway, it was fun.  And I look forward to sharing some of my projects with you.  I might even have a few tutorials.  Here's a sneak peak!

 Let's hope these clothes don't get destroyed before I share the pictures with you!

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