The "ELSA" Variation of the Anna Jumper

I added a sweet little lined vest to my older daughter's "Anna Jumper" to more closely remember the dress that Elsa wears in Frozen.  I contemplated making a jacket, but I decided that my daughter would be more likely to wear a vest as it doesn't get too cold here.  I'm not quite sure why it looks like the vest has "pokey" shoulders in the picture above, because it doesn't really look that way in real life.

I'm not including a template for this vest, because I think it's probably easier to adapt it for your own child based on their own measurements.  (You can trace clothes that they already have).  This post is going to more about how to make a lined vest once you've cut the pieces out yourself.

Let's get started, ok?

First, the pieces.  There are two of each piece because the entire vest is lined.
The first thing you're going to want to do is to sew the sides of the exterior vest together and the sides of the lining together.  This should give you an outer piece like this:
Now place the good sides of the outer vest and the lining so that they are touching each other.  Sew a seam all around the vest, attaching the front to the lining. DO NOT SEW THE ARM HOLES!

Turn your vest.  Here you can see that the vest is sewn nicely to the lining, except for the armholes.
You're going to want to fold and pin the armholes, and then sew them together.
See how it looks after it's done?  Nice!  If you'd like, you can also sew a similar stitch around the rest of the vest for uniformity.

And here's the final outfit! I hope these tutorials help make your own Anna and Elsa outfits!  Did you use these tutorials to make your own outfits?  If so, I'd love to know what you think!


  1. Thank you. This darling. We saw "Frozen" last weekend and my granddaughter is dying for the Frozen dress. I will be able to make it this weekend and surprise her.

    1. Thanks Maria! Hope your granddaughter likes it!



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