Introducing...the Anna Jumper!

Are you smitten with Disney's new movie Frozen?  We are.  And for someone who isn't a huge fan of princesses, that's saying a lot.  Disney just did so much right with this movie.  I love the fact that they show the progression of the two sisters' relationship from childhood until adulthood.  I love that Elsa builds her own ice castle.  I love that it is a love story between two SISTERS and that it explores the different type of love.  

And then there is the clothing.  STUNNING!  As I hinted about a few weeks ago, this dress pattern is inspired by the Frozen movie.  In particular, it's inspired by the dresses that the two sisters wear during that famous "Do you want to build a snowman" scene. (Search for it on you tube if you haven't seen it).  

I wanted to make a dress for the girls that was appropriate for everyday wear as well as dress up.  I made the dresses out of corduroy (which I happened to find on clearance for only $2/yard at Joanns!).  That means is heavy enough to feel a bit regal, a little bit warm for our winter weather, and nice and cozy. The pattern is simple enough though that it could become anything from an Easter dress to play clothes. 

Enough talk though.  Let's see more of the pattern!

I drafted up a quick pattern (which I'm planing on sharing the 5T version, but I'll also give some advice about making it smaller).  It doesn't have any buttons or zippers, meaning it's easy enough for a beginner and great for little people who like to dress themselves.  An experienced sewer could probably complete the whole thing in approximately 3 hours.  

I made an "Elsa" version and a "Anna" version.  For "Elsa" I also made a small vest  (more about that in a future post).  

But as for the main jumper, it looks like this.  Two straps adorned with ribbon.  A ribbon tie for the back of the dress, and the top is entirely lined.

What do you think?

My kids seem to think it's super comfy, and great for many adventures!

You can find the full tutorial for the Anna Jumper here.  In another post I'll share how I added to this same pattern to make an Elsa dress (you can find that tutorial here).

So bookmark this entry....I hope you'll all enjoy this Anna jumper!  And if you do decide to use this pattern and tutorial, please add it to my facebook page or the brand new Snugglebug University Flikr pool!  I can't wait to see what fun variations you come up with!  And if you aren't already, don't forget to follow Snugglebug University so that you don't miss out on our next big project!

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Disclaimer:  Please note that this pattern and tutorial are strictly for personal use only.  Please make it for you, your child, or friend's child to your heart's content.  Selling this pattern or clothing derived from this pattern is strictly forbidden.  Thanks!

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