A Macro Lens..for my Phone!

I know that I don't often blog about products, but I thought that this might be something my creative readers might be interested in.  It's completely not endorsed,  and of course the opinions are my own.  This product is basically a rubber band with a lens that you put over the lens of your phone camera.  Santa placed this easy macro lens in my stocking, and my little girls and I have been having fun playing around with it.

I'm no expert at photography, but I like playing around and trying to take interesting shots.  I've had a dumb phone up until a couple of months ago.  I'm really enjoying my smart phone, especially having a camera always around. Sure it's not a DSLR, but having a phone with a decent camera has been great since I carry it everywhere (something that I can't say for my heavy camera!) This easy macro lens also fits nicely in my purse, which makes it super convenient.

Ready for some of the pictures we've taken so far?  Scroll down!  (and don't worry, I spared you the squished lady bug which fascinated my kids for quite a long time).

Since it is winter time, there weren't a lot of great photo opportunities, but I managed to find a few pretty flowers:

and an old rotting mini pumpkin from Halloween:

In case you were wondering, the easy macro lens seems to fit well over my large phone case and all of these pictures were taken with the case on.  However, I will say that it is a bit easier to take pictures without the case. I've found though that I can move the lens close to and then far away from the subject and still manage to get my phone to focus.  Sometimes I've also pushed the rubber band in a bit to make it closer to the camera lens.

All in all I think it's a pretty fun product, especially for the low price point.  I see it as something that I'll likely bring out at the park or on any outing where I don't have my big camera.  

On a totally unrelated note, are you wondering what happened to that cardboard laptop box I mentioned earlier in this week?  Here's a sneak peak of the outside:
More pictures coming soon!

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