Rudolf, 2013 edition

When I was unpacking my Christmas decorations this year, I came across a box that my grandmother had packed for me with some of her old vintage ornaments.  As I was showing the kids them, Lu spotted a little handmade reindeer in the box, a gift I'd apparently made my grandmother.  Lu was totally thrilled with the idea of making her own Rudolf.  She however, was not feeling in the painting mood, so we had to change things up a bit.
Here's the 1986 edition:

and here's my kids' edition:

Keep reading for a quick tutorial and template to make your own reindeer. 
Lu traced my old reindeer on a piece of thin cardboard.

Here's a template if you'd like to make your own:
 The rest is all pretty self-explanatory-googly eyes, a red puff ball for the nose, clothespins for the legs, and cotton ball for the tail.  A slight variation from the 1986 edition, but charming none the less.

 Tada!  Happy Rudolph making!

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  1. So cute, I think my son would be able to help make these with me.



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