oh Baby!

So, I've been intending to post this for a while, but with the holidays this post got pushed back.  Remember that adorable baby fabric I shared with you a while back?  Well, here's what I did with it. 

Before I share the fabric goodies though, here's the invitation that I designed for the shower.  The little girl is due around valentine's day, so I thought it might be fun to incorporate hearts into the invitation, along with flowers and elephants (The baby will have some animal and flower art in her room). 

And here's what I made for the baby, some handmade burp cloths (tied with a ribbon with a tag I printed on fabric).  The burp cloths are derived from the tutorial on MADE.  Well, actually the burp cloths I kind of made on my own, but I loved her suggestion about packaging the burp cloths with a ribbon.  They look so pretty don't you think?

I also made the baby blanket from another tutorial on MADE.  I was looking to make a blanket that was a little bit different, and I loved the ruffles on the blanket (even if I was cursing them while making it!).  I also love that's it's washable and soft.  

Finally I added in a few handmade baby shoes:

And here's it all together.  If you're interested in making something for a baby, I highly recommend Dana's tutorials.  She makes such cute things, and really finds a way to make the ordinary stand out.    I needed a little inspiration for this project!

Now I just can't wait to meet the baby!

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