Easy Beaded Ornaments

Christmas time is always such an incredibly busy time of the year, but such an incredibly fun time to craft too.  My kids are constantly asking for crafts to do, and quite frankly, I can't keep up with their demands.  It's very hard to find crafts that both my 4 and 2 year old can do together, but this one fits the bill....even if the beads did end up all over the floor of my house....and I'm still finding them days and days later.
Beading is a big deal right now for my two year old, so she was totally into this one.  And totally into not having ANY help, because you know, she just turned 2.  My 4 year old was into trying the more advanced ornament shape and had a great time fine tuning her fine motor skills too.
Here's how we started out:
I used a piece of floral wire that I had sitting around the house and beads (of course!)

For both shapes we just strung a whole bunch of beads.  For the tree we just added a couple of brown to the end of the chain.

Then twist and wiggle to make your tree.  Easy peasy, no pliers required!

For the ornament we just made a loop then twisted around to make two gold lines down the middle.


I like the way they turned out, don't you?  I won't however confirm or deny the fact that all this Christmas crafting with my kids may have prompted me to drink a nice glass of wine though.  Glad they're having fun, but I'm also super excited to get a little Mom-alone crafting time tonight (and hopefully there won't be any bead chasing required....)

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