Best of 2013

Top posts of 2013 (by number of views):
1. IVAR Ikea hack
2. DIY butterfly wings
3. My first purse tutorial
4. Little felt bunny tutorial
5. Home sweet home backpack
6. World blocks
7. 5 senses art day
8.  Printing on fabric

As the year ends, I think it is fun to look back.  2013 has been a great year for us as a family, as we've watched our children grow and develop into such fun little people that can walk, talk, draw, and in their words, "have 'pinions' (opinions)".  We've been lucky enough to take some fun trips, and most importantly, spend time with the people we care most about.

Over the last year I've added quite a few projects to the archives here at Snugglebug University. This blog remains a hobby for me.  It provides me with a creative outlet that I enjoy--and I hope you do as well!  When you leave me a comment or shoot me an email, it totally makes my day!  I'm still unsure of the focus of this blog for now, so I imagine I'll keep jumping around trying different creative pursuits.  Do you have any suggestions of something you'd like to see here on the blog?  I'd love to hear what you think!

In 2014, I hope to try some new things, specifically some more work on the illustration/paper art front and maybe even some fun cooking projects.  That might mean that my posts aren't as frequent, but I hope that you'll stay with me as I continue my creative journey.  You can expect more kid crafts, sewing projects, and home decorating crafts in 2014 (I just don't know what they are yet!). 

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2014 and hope to see you back here soon in the new year. 

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