Making Faces Game

Yep, I'm printing on fabric again.  And making things for the kids' felt board too. 
I thought it would be fun for Lu and I to make something together for Ellie.  Ellie's really into the felt board lately, and she also loves Mr. Potato head.  I drew up all the face and accessories and made them into felt board pieces.  Then Lu put them all together in different combinations and we photographed them and made them into printable cards.  I think Ellie will like trying to "match" the cards.  Lu had a lot of fun putting them together with me, and hopefully Ellie will like them a lot too.
Would you like to make your own faces?  You can make your own with my free template! Of course you don't need to make them into a felt board pieces.  They could easily be used for a magnetic board, a quiet book page, or even just paper pieces to put together.  Or what about as a stocking stuffer?

Keep reading for the full tutorial.

First you'll need to download my template from my pattern store.  It's free.  You'll also need freezer paper, white fabric (for printing on), and fusible fleece.  Oh, and paper for the accompanying cards.

Then you'll need to print out the face pieces onto fabric and the card pieces onto cardstock. 

Once you've printed out the pieces, you'll need to cut around the edges of all of the pieces (to reduce waste!) and cut out another similarly sized piece out of fusible fleece. 
See how I'm using my printed fabric piece as a guide to cut out the fusible fleece?
Now just iron the printed fabric pieces onto the fleece according to the fusible fleece instructions, and then cut out each of the pieces.  Once they are cut out you are done with the fabric part of the project!

 You can cut out the matching cards (and laminate them if you so choose) and...
Tada!  Done!  Have fun matching!

Did you use this template to make your own matching game?  Please leave a comment and become a follower of Snugglebug University so that you don't miss another great project!


  1. will you please email me and tell me how to do these as magnetic ones? i would so appreciate it!! gkerr@smunet.net

  2. Ginger, try printing them out, laminating them, and then mounting them on magnetic sheets (https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=magnetic+sheet)



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