Just stopping in from what is looking to be a very busy week to share the last ikea hack that I promised you.

Want to see how I turned these illustrations of my kids into cute bathroom hooks?  ( Keep reading below.

Our bathroom is REALLY lacking places to hang towels.  Ikea has these hooks which have an empty space in the middle for an initial, picture, etc.  When I saw them I was super excited though, because I thought it would be fun to draw pictures of my kids so they'd know where to hang their towels.  Once I got drawing though I had the idea to draw my kids up for different seasons, and then switch them out as the year progresses.  I decided to laminate the pictures so that they'd hold up with all the steam in the bathroom.
Right now I've put fall ones in:



What do you think?  Kind of fun, huh?  I'm looking forward to putting the Christmas ones in as I think those are my favorite.


  1. Love them! I may copy this idea...but with laminated pictures instead since I'm not an artist!

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