A Mickey-filled Day


My 4 year old really likes parties and is constantly planning them for everyone in our family, but it caught me a bit off guard when my 2 year old had ideas for her own birthday. Even my 4 year old party planner didn't have birthday party ideas at 2.
I planned on having a small get together with a few friends, but Ellie was adamant that she only wanted her sister.   So we planned some Mickey themed activities for her that would be fun for a both a 2 and 4 year old to do together. 
We did a treasure hunt, which included glow in the dark Mickey's (made of glow sticks).  We made Mickey pretzels, which was super fun because it was basically just like playdough for the kids to play around with.  And it was perfectly safe for the kids to play with or even eat!  I used this recipe here.  The girls enjoyed baking and then eating their creations.

And finally we made cork Minnie mouses.  Although I can't take credit for this idea.  Remember when we made these cork pumpkins?  Well, Ellie reminded me (just as she does with all circles) that they looked like Minnie Mouse.

I think Ellie got it right, despite my hesitation at first.  It wasn't the birthday party that I would have planned for her, but that's ok.  She had so much fun, and I love it that she and her sister are so close. 
We finished off Ellie's special day with the hot dog dance and a trip to Build a Bear where both girls got to pick out a stuff an animal of their choice.  All in all, a success!
And in case you were wondering...that ikea hack is coming, I promise!


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