The Perfect Paper Pumpkin

 Hooray for fall.  I love the change of seasons, even if the season change isn't quite as dramatic as it has been in some of the other places I've lived. 
My kids are super excited too, and when my oldest woke up the other day from her nap and my youngest was still sleeping, she begged to do a "Fall"  craft.  I came up with these cute paper pumpkins, and it was a hit! 
Want to make your own perfect paper pumpkin patch?  Keep reading!

These are simple!  You'll just need a stapler and a few pieces of construction paper.
Then fold the orange piece like this and insert in the "stem."
Staple, then repeat with the leaf.  (You can also do the stem and leaf at the same time, I just didn't on this one because we made the leaf a bit small.)
When it is finished it should look like this.
It's so simple, and yet, I love it. 
I think I might have the kids make them as napkin rings for Thanksgiving.  Wouldn't that be fun?

 And another picture, because well, I like it (and I can't say that about most of my photographs.  It's so rare for the time when I am making something to actually coincide with nice lighting.)

And what about my oldest?  What did she think about this craft?  Well, let's just say we now have a LONG chain of pumpkins on our mantle.  She's so proud of them!  I hope you and your kids enjoy it just as much!

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