Rag Doll Birthday Outfit

Alright, it's time for the next outfit in My Rag Doll series!
All of Cora's clothes templates are available in the same PDF file, which you can find in my pattern store, if you haven't downloaded it already. Don't worry, it's free!!!  As I've mentioned before, if something isn't clear or you think I made a mistake, please let me know!  It is a lot of work to put together all of these templates online along with tutorials, and I've had to just write up a little bit each night, so let me know if something isn't clear. 

Cut out pieces and finish pieces by zig-zagging.

Fold over 1/4 inch and sew with an 1/8 inch to hem the sleeve.  Add lace or ric-rac if desired.

Now we're going to sew the top (or bodice) of the dress.  Placing the right sides together, sew the sleeve to one of the bodice pieces.

Now, you are going to want to sew the other side of the sleeve to the backside of the bodice.  Make sure that you have the right sides together in a nice sandwich.

This part can be a bit tricky, but as long as you remember that the 'good sides' of the fabric have to be facing each other you'll be fine.


Attach the other sleeve in the same fashion, until your top looks like this:

Now you need to sew a 'tunnel' for the elastic to go in, around the neck.  I fold over about a 1/2 inch all along the neck line and sew a 3/8 inch seam for 1/4 inch elastic.  Then I leave the junctions (where the front and back pieces meet the sleeves) open.  This leaves a place to insert in the elastic, plus makes it a bit less tricky to thread the elastic through. 

Cut a 9.5 inch piece of 1/4 elastic, and use a safety pin to pull it through the tunnel that you just created. Tie the ends of the elastic in a knot, and then push the knot so that it is in the tunnel you created.

Now you need to go back and sew in those junctions to seal up the tunnel.  Be careful not to catch your elastic.  You will need to pull the elastic so that the junction sits straight as you sew.

 Now turn it inside out and sew up the sides of the bodice to the sleeve using a 3/8 inch seam allowance.

You are essentially done with the top at this point.  All you have to do is add on the skirt.  So let's get onto the skirt!

Sew just ONE of the sides of the skirt together, by placing the two right sides together and sewing a 3/8 inch seam.

Hem up the bottom of the skirt.  I fold over about a 1/2 inch and then sew a 3/8 seam. Add lace or ric -rack  as desired.

Now you are going to want to gather up the top edge of the skirt by sewing a 1/4 gathering stitch.  A gathering stitch is just a regular stitch where the length is adjusted so that it is longer.  This means that you can pull on the string and the fabric will gather up.  You never back up with your machine when you sew this kind of stitch, or you won't be able to pull and gather up the skirt.

Adjust the gathers so that the skirt is about the same size as the bodice part of the dress. 

Sew up the other side of the skirt to make a completely enclosed circle. Use a 3/8 inch seam allowance.

Now it is time to sew the two halves together!

With right sides together, pin the bodice top to the skirt bottom.  Start by aligning the side seams of the top and bottom together.  Then adjust your gathers as needed to make the skirt line up with the top. 

All lined up! 

Now sew a 1/4 inch seam all around, attaching the dress top to the dress bottom and then you'll be done!

Now to make the apron:  

I just hemmed up the edges and attached it to a piece of ribbon.  Easy peasy.

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