My First Doll Dress Tutorial

Today I'd like to share the dress that Lu and I made together.  Lu picked out the fabric for this dress herself, and sewed the flower buttons to the dress front.  She is super proud of herself and I'm proud of her too.  She was a great listener and very patient with the whole process (even if it didn't go together quite as quickly as she'd hoped.)
Originally I'd plan to have this be a pattern and very complete tutorial, but doing all of that while I was helping a very eager 4 year turned out to be just too much.  I was able to snap pictures as we worked though, and I think it should be enough for you to make your own simple doll dress.  Keep reading for how we made this cute doll sundress.

I had Lu cut out two rectangles.  Lu sewed on her flower buttons that she got as a part of her sewing kit. 

Then we folded the top part so that the right sides were sandwiched together. We sewed three of the sides together, leaving the bottom side (that will attach to the skirt) open.

Now turn, so that the dress top looks like this:
 Next Lu hemmed the bottom of the skirt and folded over the top to make a passageway for the elastic.


We threaded the (1/4 inch) elastic through:
And then sewed up the side to make a skirt.

We just pulled the skirt out straight and sewed the top part right to the skirt (being careful to miss the elastic).

We tacked on some ribbon to attach the front to the back.

And tada!  finished!  It was a perfect first sewing (machine) project with Lu.  I think we both had a lovely afternoon, and little sister can't wait until she's old enough to push the buttons on Mommy's sewing machine.


  1. I have made 3 dresses & 2 aprons but my girls think she now needs some pajamas (i have made a matteess, pillow & blanket that fit into a gift box for her as well), any ideas?

    1. Hi Kelly, I am glad you are having so much fun making these! Perhaps the simple shift dress as PJ's? Or try to make some shorts to go with a shortened version of the shift dress.



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