Little Red Riding Hood Outfit

Want to see how I turned this $5 target t-shirt...

into this?

Keep reading below for this little red riding hood inspired shirt (and matching skirt too!)

 I told Lu that I'd make her a school outfit.  At first I was thinking about something like an apple, or a letters, but Lu suggested her outfit be somehow book related.  I thought the idea was fantastic!  I loved her idea of little red riding hood, and I was surprised when she asked that her shirt have the wolf dressed up as the grandma rather than little red riding hood herself. 

Now first let me say that the last time I did applique was probably when I was 10.  So I'm guessing that most of you could probably make this look a whole lot nicer.  I'm happy with how mine turned out though, and Lu seems to be too.

I cut out all of the pieces out of fabric, and cut out matching pieces of wonder under fusible interfacing.

I removed the little puff ball from the shirt.
Then I ironed the pieces onto the shirt and used a satin stitch to applique it down. 
I added the lace and used a pencil to draw on the glasses and eyes.

Tada!  Finished! 
I also made a matching skirt the same way, with little red riding hood herself.  I wasn't as happy with how this one turned out, but it was still fun.
Here's the finished outfit:

and here's the image I used to create the wolf shirt, in case you'd like to use it to make your own (personal use only please).  You can download it to your computer and then print it out on a fill 8.5x11 sheet of paper and cut it up to make pattern pieces.

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