Little Felt Cupcake Tutorial

Do you like felt food?

This little felt cupcake is so incredibly delicious, don't you think?  I had such fun making it.  I think it goes just lovely with Cora's birthday outfit. 

Would you like to make one?  Ok, let's get started.

All of Cora's clothes (and accessories!) templates are available in the same PDF file, which you can find in my pattern store, if you haven't downloaded it already. Don't worry, it's free!!!  As I've mentioned before, if something isn't clear or you think I made a mistake, please let me know!  It is a lot of work to put together all of these templates online along with tutorials, and I've had to just write up a little bit each night, so let me know if something isn't clear. 

Here's what you'll need.  I just sewed on some beads to the "frosting" to act as sprinkles.  All of the template pieces do not have seam allowances, since I made this cupcake from felt.

Sew a quick gathering stich along the side piece.

Connect both sides, giving you this:
Now do the same thing on the upper edge.  (You will remove this stitch later on).

Sew on the "frosting."
And gather up the edge of the cupcake top:
Fit the top into the cupcake base.
Sew the base to the cupcake top, and then remove the gathering stitch you did earlier.

Stuff your cupcake from the bottom.

It should look like this:

Sew on the base:
Hmm.  My cupcake was finished at this point.  It just needed something though....

So I rolled up a little scrap piece of felt.
and attached a piece of Velcro to the base.  Then I attached a little flame to the top with another scrap piece.  (sorry no template for these since they were an afterthought).

Tada!  Finished!  Happy Birthday to you, sweet Cora!

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