Anthropologie-Inspired knobs

I've always been a big fan of decorative, scroll, elaborative knobs.  Ok, let's be honest.  I like knobs on everything.  My hubby once remarked that we'll have to move once I add knobs to every possible cabinet and piece of furniture in our house, because I won't know what to do with myself.  It's not just the knobs I like, but the process as well.  I think a drill is one of my favorite power tools.  I love making a template, measuring everything out on the drawer, and attaching the knobs.  They create such an instant transformation, and it takes such a short time to do. 
I love the knobs at Anthropologie, but they are expensive and I had a hard time justifying the expense for this project.  My hubby and I made these under the bed drawers for the girls' room and I made these knobs to attach to them.  Lu was super excited when she saw them, yelling "Oh how lovely, Mama!" (in a perfect fancy Nancy impression).  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out too.
Want to see how I made these lovely knobs?  Keep reading below.

I started out with some acrylic paint.  I used the Martha Stewart ones, which happen to be my favorite, and some wooden knobs from Lowes. (I paid $3 total for all the knobs).  I used Duraclear Glossy Varnish to seal the knobs once I was done.
 Two coats of white paint.

 Then I used toothpicks and the back end of my paint brush to add on the floral designs.
 When everything was dry (>12 hours later), I added a coat of varnish (and another one 4 hours later).  I like to use plastic bags when I am varnishing to avoid my fingers from touching the wet knobs and smearing up the paint.

Then I just attached them on to the drawers!  It wasn't hard at all.  I'm happy with how they turned out, and I'm optimistic that they will hold up well to frequent use.  I made the kids play food the same way, and it's held up great, despite being thrown all around the house!

You can see more posts about the girls' room here.

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