My First Sewing Kit

Lu loves it when I sew things, especially if they are for her.  She REALLY wants to help, so I thought it might be fun to give her a sewing kit for her birthday.  I think it is still going to be something that is kept in the closet until we can get it out and use it together, but I think she will really appreciate having the opportunity to have her own stash of things.  I know that I loved having my own sewing basket when I was a girl, and I hope that she does as well.

This sewing kit, or the people ribbon holders, where inspired by this link.  Those of you who follow me on Pinterest may have already seen it.  They used mice, but I made two of my Snugglebug characters.  One of the characters heads looks a bit off, but that is just because I was trying to get a picture to show you before my daughter woke up--and before I glued the heads to the spool bodies!  So I apologize that these pictures aren't the best!

So what's in Lu's sewing basket?

some scissors, thread, needles, measuring tape, buttons, fabric flowers, and ribbon with some cute ribbon holders.

About those lovely ribbon holders:  I used a simple dowel cap for the spool "heads."  I colored in the faces and hair with permanent markers  and used a hot glue gun to attach some beads for hair "ponytails."  I just used a glue gun to attach the "heads to the wooden spool "bodies."  Here's a fun fact:  those spools came from my grandmother's sewing bag!

I may have mentioned this before, but my grandmother taught me to sew when I asked her to make clothes for my dolls.  Lu is really into dressing up her dolls right now, and she always wants me to make her doll clothes, so I thought this might be a good time for her to learn some sewing basics and make some easy doll clothes with me.  The problem was that she needed a good doll that would be both easy to dress and easy to sew for.  So I made one.  That's right, it's Cora Jean!

And here's the best part in case you missed my last post.  I'm going to put my doll pattern, as well as all of my doll clothes tutorials on this blog for FREE!  I hope that they will be a great resource for you, but also for my kids when they get older.  I can't count the number of times that I wished that my grandmother had kept a blog for when she taught me to sew so long ago....  Wouldn't it be fun to look back on?  Not only to refresh on what she'd taught me, but also for sentimental reasons. 

My first doll tutorial will post next week.  For now, I hope you enjoy my simple sewing kit.  It has a button jar, some lovely ribbon, as well as some sewing essentials.  I look forward to telling you about our future sewing projects!

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