'Strong Girls' Little Girl Art

 We're still in the process of putting together the girls' shared room, but I thought I'd show you the artwork that I have been working on.

Lu requested princesses (of course.)  And you know how I feel about princesses.  So I asked her what exactly she meant by princess artwork.  Her response was that the girls had to be wearing beautiful things. 

Ok, I thought.  I can work with that.  I decided I'd put together some artwork staring some of the characters we made up together, the bookworm and the doodlebug.  Yes they might be dressed as princesses, but they'd be doing all sorts of awesome things.  Things like jumping in puddles, looking at spiders, and swinging on a swing.

I love the way that they turned out, because to me they represent so much more than princesses.  They represent dreams, imagination, and exploration.  And that's something we both can be happy about.

Here are a few pictures of the art in the room:

but this one is my favorite:

I've really enjoyed making these prints, and I think that I'd like to draw more.  I'm sure that I will be sharing more art with you in the future.

When the room is 'finished' I will post pictures of the whole room together.  Until then, here are the girls' bedding, and embroidered pillowcases in case you missed them.

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