Shave Ice Store Pretend Play

My 3 year old LOVES shave ice.  She also loves playing pretend store. I had some insta-snow left over from our polar express day and I thought it might be fun to let the kids make a sno cone, or shave ice pretend store with it.  We did it outside to not make as much of a mess, and the kids had a blast!
Here's how we made it.
I filled up some squirt bottles with water, and then squirted in some washable acrylic paint.

Then I made up the insta snow.  This stuff is really cool!

Then I let the kids spray away (outside, of course.  This is watered down paint after all!).  Lu loved pretending the different colors were different flavors, and she kept asking us "What flavor do you want?  It's only $55!"  Haha!  That's some expensive shave ice!

I was worried that after spraying all of the snow would be pretty much used up (aka: no longer white), but we actually got a lot of use out of it.  Lu would pour off the top layer and collect the rest and start all over again.

An afternoon of fun for sure! 

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