Rag Quilt and Bedding

The new girls' room is beginning to come together at our house, but it's been quite an adventure (read: lots of work for mom).  We decided on the Minnen beds from Ikea, because they are expandable to three different sizes.  In our small house, space is at a premium.  I love the fact that we can fit two beds in the girls' room and they still have some space to play. Later these beds can extend to a full twin size too, which means that we'll hopefully be able to use these beds for a long time.  I toyed with spray painting them a color, but decided in the end that I loved how the white metal looked against the girls' light purple walls. 

The one main disadvantage to having expandable beds is that it makes finding bedding difficult.  I decided to make bedding to fit the middle size of the bed.  I cut down an ikea duvet insert and covered it with a home-made duvet re purposed from a sheet from target.  (One full bed sheet set was enough for the tops of both duvets, in case you were wondering)--I used a full purple sheet set I already had for the bottom of the duvet cover).  Here's the duvet cover, folded over so you can see both sides:

I felt like the kids needed a bit more warmth though, so I decided to make them each a rag quilt as well.  Lu's been begging me for a quilt too.  A rag quilt seemed like an "easy" way to meet both of our needs.  I was inspired by this rag quilt that I found via pinterest. I added a border to mine though, so that it would be a bit larger.  I also used fleece for the "stuffing."

 Rag quilts are really neat in that they have a smooth side:
 and a raggedy rough side, which adds lovely texture.  All in all they went together rather quickly, but with two little ones running around, it was still a rather large project.  Nonetheless I'm happy though with how they turned out.
 The bedding isn't completely finished yet though. I'm working on some "embroidery" for the pillow cases.  *Sigh*  Embroidery.  Gah.  More about that soon.    Here's a sneak peak though:
In other room related news, Ellie's old room was highlighted on Apartment Therapy this week.  So exciting, huh?

Have a great week everyone, and I hope to have some "embroidery" to show you soon.  And templates too, which I promise will look a whole lot better than my embroidery!


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