Meet Og

I made "Og" for Ellie's first birthday. Here's a secret though. I wasn't planning on posting about him today.  The plague has hit our house, and there is nothing like the stomach flu to make you want to cuddle up to a cute little stuffed animal.  Even one that looks strangely like both a bunny and a dog.  But he's cuddly and soft and on sick days that is all that matters.

Do you like Og?  I've contemplated writing up a pattern for him, but haven't decided whether I will yet. 

Right now the only on my mind is cuddling my sick little and making sure we have enough pedialyte.  There's nothing like illness to make you feel totally helpless as a parent.  It makes me wish I'd made another career choice, like a nurse or a pediatrician, so that I felt maybe just a little more in control (or at least question every symptom a bit less.)  I have a tremendous respect for pediatricians these days, and their ability to decipher little kids symptoms. (Oh, you say your bones hurt? Ah, ha.  That means that you're about to lose your breakfast.  Of course mom.  Why didn't you think of that?)

I'll be back on the blog with some embroidery once the plague leaves our house.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and doesn't catch any weird summer bugs!

And speaking of bugs, Lu's begun to plan her bug party.  We're slowly putting together what she wants, but until then, have you checked out these awesome butterfly wings?  It's too bad that our summers are rather hot here, or I'm sure Lu would have loved a set!

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