Travel Blocks

When I was gathering pictures for my pretty picture wall, I realized that I have a slight obsession with architecture.  Here are few pictures from Buenos Aires to illustrate what I mean.

As I look at the pictures, I can still hear my hubby asking, "Why do we have to go all the way over there for you to take a picture.  I can see the building just fine right here!  And don't you have enough pictures of buildings already?"  (It's true.  I have lots and lots of building pictures).

So yes, maybe I did go a bit over board.  Even the ground didn't escape my camera.

It seemed a pity to just have them all stashed away on my computer, so I decided to make some blocks for the kids to play with.

Click below to see how they turned out!

I just printed them out and attached them to the blocks with Mod Podge.

The kids seem to enjoy stacking them up and knocking them down.  I think they are a fun way to remember a trip, and I look forward to adding more blocks from other trips (and future ones). 

I made an illustrated set of blocks too which I hope to share with you next week.  (And yes, in case you are wondering, there will be a printable!)

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