A Pretty Picture Wall

 I was first inspired to make a picture wall after seeing this post a while ago.  It seemed a perfect solution for the many blank walls that I didn't quite know how to decorate in our small house.

 I decided that I wanted to do a "favorite places" wall but with the main premise being that all the pictures had to be from one of the trips my husband I took together, or a place that meant something to us.  They didn't have to mean something to someone else, in fact I preferred pictures that didn't "scream" a particular place.  The important thing was that we would recognize each picture and know where it was taken.

I bought wood at Lowes and asked them to cut it into 8x8 squares and painted them with some leftover grey paint.  Then I had my pictures printed on 8x8 sheets at Costco.  I used mod podge to attach the pictures to the wood, and then used a little mod podge to cover over the photo, giving it a matte look.

It took me a while to finally finish the project (the wood pieces sat in the garage for months), so I was quite excited to finally finish them and hang them up in our bedroom this weekend.  Lu enjoyed helping "paint" with mod podge too, so we both had a good time doing the project together.  Using wood pieces was much more affordable than doing canvas too.

What do you think?  Do you like using wood backings instead of canvas?


  1. Jill, this turned out beautifully. It's even fun for ME to go through each picture and try to remember/figure out where it was taken-- I can imagine how much the girls must like it.

  2. I love this! I found your blog via Design Mom. I'm wondering what wood you purchased at Lowe's for this project...is it a sheet of something in particular you had them cut down to size?

    1. Hi! I believe it was just a big sheet of plywood. Lowes cut it into strips, and then into smaller squares. I attached picture hanging hardware on the back.



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