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Happy Friday friends!

I struggled with what comic to make this week.  I normally love to focus on the funny things that my kids say and do, but for some reason this week I just couldn't pick one.  Perhaps I wasn't feeling particularly funny or maybe I've just been a bit more reflective this week.  Do you ever have a week like that?

Ellie strung these three words together this week, and I'm pretty sure my heart melted.  It was her first 3 word "sentence" (I know, not technically a sentence, but still).  It's at times like those that I can't help but think I'm doing something right. She's an incredibly sweet and loving little girl most of the time.. Of course a few minutes later she took a nice bite out of her sister.

I can't believe how big my girls are getting!  Ellie is truly making the transition to toddlerhood.  She may call herself 'baby' but she reminds us every day how much of a big person she is.  Sigh. 

Here are a few things on my mind this week...

I love this Rapunzel wig.  Super easy to make and I'm sure my girls would love it.  Especially since we're planning a trip to Disneyland.

I love these DIY quote napkins.  Ok, maybe I just love anything with quotes.

I'm coveting a white picket fence for my front yard.  There's just something lovely about them, don't you think?

Has Spring arrived where you live?  We've had a beautiful week and I'm loving post dinner walks with the family.  I'm looking forward to planting some plants this weekend.  Our seedlings are about ready for transplant.

I snapped these pictures of Ellie this week while she was playing dress up with her big sister.  I think they are charming, and I hope they make you smile as they do for me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.  I'll be back here next week.

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