The Snugglebug Project: Meet the Stinkbug

My kids are loving the Snugglebug Project. Ever since we made the Doodlebug paper doll Lu has been begging for more.  We came up with the Stinkbug.  He's got pointy hair, rosy cheeks, and has an awesome cape.   Lu will be quick to tell you though that he might look nice, he can be a real STINKER sometimes. 

That's right, just like Emma, this paper doll has his own story.  So without further ado...

Let's meet Sammy.

Name: Sammy, the stinkbug
Lives with: his mommy, daddy, and older sister
He likes to: play basketball, and he likes to do magic tricks
Special talent: he is a very talented magician.  He can make his stuffed animals come to life.  Sometimes he can be a real stinker though, chasing the doodlebug with stuffed-turned-live frogs.
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite food: chocolate pizza
His bedroom:  He covers his walls with sticks, bugs, and lots of cool stuff he finds outside, oh and lots of stuffed animals of course.  His room is kind of like a zoo, but much cooler of course.  The animals talk after all.

When I asked Lu what type of clothes Sammy wore, she wasn't too specific except for the cape.  She has a friend that is really into Batman right now, and I think that's where his awesome wardrobe inspiration came from. 

Nonetheless, Lu seemed happy with what I came up with, especially the bow tie.
 I think he looks absolutely charming in his awesome bug hat.

And I love his frog...
And in case you were wondering, this little guy is named after a real bug too.  Although I think my little guy is a bit cuter, and not nearly as stinky.
 Interested in the colored in version?  You can buy my (colored-in) version of the doodlebug in my Etsy store, or in my brand-new Craftsy Store.

Continue reading to see the Stinkbug that Lu colored in, and download your own (free!) paper doll for your own little snugglebug to color in.
Here's an outline version of our paper doll, if you or your snugglebug would like to color in your own.  I'd love to see your version too--feel free to upload a picture to the Snugglebug University facebook page.

Does your snugglebug have a story?  We'd love to hear it. Leave a comment below or on our facebook page and I'll share your stories with Lu.




  1. Embarassing for you to not offer diversity for multicultural children. Different colors of hair does not make you stuff diverse. All kinds of kiddos like to play with dolls, not just white girls. Shame on you for not being aware of this.

    1. I'm sorry you feel this way. This is one of the reasons that I have offered free templates for you to color in however you like. I'd like any child to be able to color in these dolls however they'd like, just like my children picked the colors they wanted.

      And just so you know, my children are half Hispanic. My husband and I grew up on opposite sides of the globe. I'm more than aware that all kids like to play with dolls, where ever they live or look like. These dolls skin, hair, and clothing colors were picked my kids at about the age of three. I'd encourage your children to pick whatever colors they'd like.

    2. A few more things...If you'd like to see my drawings which are more representative of the global population, perhaps you'd like to check out my world blocks: http://www.snugglebuguniversity.com/2013/05/world-blocks-printable.html

      or take a peak at my daughter's world inspired nursery, including the lovely pictures my mother painted of children across the globe. http://www.snugglebuguniversity.com/2013/05/world-inspired-nursery.html

  2. you are truly remarkable...I love them all!

  3. I like that the children can make their paper dolls any color they want. I provide a large variety of colored pencils, crayons and even multi-cultural crayons. It is not surprising that the older my children get the more "true-to-life" colors. But I have green, orange, red, purple and pink dolls. Thank you for sharing your projects.

  4. Your just saved my week of wondering what to do with the kids at the daycare. The paper dolls are perfect. Thanks bunches! By the way.... I love your site and all that you do. :)

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comments Gwenette and Karen! They mean so much!



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