The Snugglebug Project: Meet the Bookworm

The Snugglebug Project has so far been a lot of fun in our house.  Both of my kids really love the paper dolls, and Lu especially loves coloring them in.  She loves making up stories about the Doodlebug and the Stinkbug, and she's insisted that they need another friend.  So without further ado...

Let's meet Cora.

Name: Cora, the bookworm
Lives with: her mommy, daddy, and little sister
She likes to: read and play dress up
Special talent: Cora creates worlds of fun because any story she read comes true.  She even has a pet dragon.
Favorite color: red
Favorite food:  the pizza her daddy makes
Her bedroom:  Has a hammock in it where she can swing back and forth and read all day by the window.  She also has a big mirror where she can dress up as all of the people in her books.

Lu told me that Cora dresses up as a princess lady bug.  We came up with this princess ladybug dress.

But she's not just into wearing fancy dresses.  She loves to dress up as a superhero too.

Altogether she has three adorable outfits.  I think she might be my favorite yet.

Interested in the colored in version?  You can buy my (colored-in) version of the doodlebug in my Etsy store, or in my brand-new Craftsy Store.

Keep reading for the printable paper doll that your kids can color in to make their own bookworm, as well as pictures of Lu's bookworm.

Lu really enjoyed coloring in her own bookworm. Here are the two of ours together ready to fly off on an adventure.

Like all of the snugglebugs I've done so far, here's an outline version of our paper doll, if you or your snugglebug would like to color in your own for your own PERSONAL USE.  I'd love to see your version too--feel free to upload a picture to the Snugglebug University facebook page.  Or you can leave a comment  below with your bookworm's awesome story...

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