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Happy Friday Everyone!
Welcome to those of you who found my blog this week.  I'm so glad you found me and I hope you continue following the blog!  You might be wondering what's up with the comics that I post every Friday.  Basically they are my way of documenting my life with my littles.  I try to take 5 minutes every week to sketch out something funny that my kids did or said.  I know that these years go by so quickly, and sometimes it is hard to remember later on.  I hope that the comics will be a fun way for both me (and them) to look back on these special times.
Next week I'm going to finish up the quiet book posts and create a summary page so that it is easier to find whatever page you might be looking for.  I've also been working on the kids' wardrobes for spring and summer.  I'm trying to recycle some old clothing into something new and I look forward to showing you the outfits in the week after next.  I also have a great tutorial for a simple ruffle skirt. 
What's been on my mind this week:
We're going to see the Easter bunny.  My kids are super excited.  I am too.  I hope to get some nice spring pictures.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful here.
I gave my kids some wooden blocks left over from my sweet shops to play with in their new dollhouse .  They spent hours (yes HOURS!) this week making different types of furniture for their house.  It was so much fun.  I can't wait to suggest for them to use their legos. 
Are you doing anything for St. Patrick's day?  I haven't decided what I'm going to do.  Last year those silly little leprechauns broke into our house and made a big mess in the kids' playroom.  And they left a broom for the kids to clean up the mess!  Last year Lu wasn't too sure what to think about those silly green men, but this year she keeps coming up with all sorts of ideas for how they might make a mess this year. 
Hope you all have a great weekend everyone and I hope to see you back here next week.
I've posted a few block furniture pics below in case you are interested in seeing what Lu came up with with my wood stash.

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