The Repurposed Jean Skirt

 We had our first tease of warm weather a few weeks ago and immediately I just wanted to spend the whole weekend outside planting flowers.  It happens every year.  I run outdoors and plant a ton of flowers that seem to almost instantly meet their demise when the weather turns cold again.  Yet I do it again. EVERY YEAR.  So this year I'm trying to hold myself back a bit.  I'm starting my seeds indoors for our summer garden.  But I felt I needed to do SOMETHING for spring.

So I did a little spring cleaning.  I cleaned out my and the girls' drawers.  Then I decided to try to make something with the clothes that had seen better days, but parts of them still seemed like they were in good enough shape to salvage.  At this point, the beautiful summer weather passed us by and the weather turned cold and icky again.  Perfect sewing weather, right?

This week I'm going to post the new additions to my kids' summer wardrobe.  I hope you like them, and that they help you feel like spring is just a little bit closer (even if it is cold and icky outside).

So, without further ado, here are some before pictures.

Here's the pair of jeans beforehand. 
 and here they are after the trimming. 

 All I simply did was serge around the bottom and add a ruffled strip of fabric to the bottom.  Super easy and a great use of those old beat up pair of jeans.

Tada!  Finished!  My little Snugglebug loves the buttons and the ladybugs. 

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