Pocket Pals

When I was a little girl, I had a really hard time adjusting to Kindergarten.  My mom gave me this little stuffed rabbit that I could hold in my pocket and I still remember to this day how much it helped me.  I'd give it a little squeeze whenever I was feeling particularly lonely or scared and it made me feel better.  When I left for college I brought the little rabbit with me and it sat on my desk my whole freshman year.

It's that little rabbit that inspired these little pocket pals for my little snugglebugs.   The other day Lu and I spent a little time drawing.  I drew both of my girls, and Lu drew herself and her sister.  Then I transferred the images to fabric.  Lu watched the fabric with her doll drawings coming out of the printer with wide eyes.  I'm pretty sure she thought I'd done some form of magic.  She was so proud of her little dolls. She insisted on sewing hers up herself.

Our little pocket pals have been a tremendous hit.  They live in our remodeled dollhouse and both girls carry them around everywhere.   The girls are already asking for mommy and daddy dolls to go with them.

Want to see Lu's pocket pals?  Here they are below.

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  1. I actually would love to have a pocket pal. Sometimes work is just too hard :(.



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