Maternity Shirt to Little Girl Dress

I don't know why exactly, but by the end of my pregnancies I grew to hate my maternity clothes.  I know that I'm probably just blaming the poor clothes for the fact that I felt fat in them (like it is somehow their fault) but for some reason I can't just shake my feelings of dislike. 

I wore many of the same maternity clothes with both of my daugthers and as a result, many of them are a bit stained.  Some aren't though.  When I was sorting through my clothes the other day, Lu found this shirt and went on and on about how beautiful it was.  (In truth it isn't actually 'maternity' but I wore it a lot when I was pregnant with both kids.)  It met the 'I'm in good shape but I might puke if I have to wear this shirt again, even if I was pregnant with a child #3 (which I'm not)' criteria.

I decided that maybe it'd be better off as a dress for Lu.

Here's how I converted this shirt into a cute little girl dress.

Here's the before:
 and here the after:
I discarded the sleeves and reattached the green collar to the back so that it goes all around her neck.  I ended up having to put a fastener on one shoulder so that her head could fit through the opening.   I love how the sash fits perfectly around her waist!
Now we just need some more warm weather so she can actually wear it!

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