Wooden Chocolates and Cookies

With Valentine's day just days away, I thought it might be fun to let my little snugglebug paint her own chocolates and cookies. She's wanted to make her own wood food so badly ever since I made the wooden candy store and Argentine Sweet shop

We started out with some wooden 1 inch blocks and disks from the craft store, some acrylic paint, and a sealer.  I let her paint her own blocks, and then I sealed them up afterwards.  I put the paint in a ice cube tray, which helped to minimize the mess. Remember to put down lots of paper to protect your painting surface.  The acrylic paints I used were non-toxic but they do not wash out of clothes (or furniture) very easily, especially once dry.

She had so much fun, especially painting the sprinkles.  I think they turned out really great.   They will be a nice alternative to the real stuff which I'm sure if going to overwhelm our house this week.

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